Welcome to the future: Travel To Singapore!

Though one can dream, the probability of travelling to both near and distant future are very slim. However, regardless of this I have been always interested in time, technology, and travel; this could be down to its emotive nature, it causes feelings of amusement, excitement, fear, and melancholy to all rise to the surface. TravellingContinue reading “Welcome to the future: Travel To Singapore!”

Connecting an audience to an artwork: How can artists evoke emotion in their work?

Many people think of a painting as an abstract concept or an idea on a canvas, and many even think that paintings do not contribute to human lives at all. Art is the silent language; you don’t say anything, but instead you stare, experience, and learn. One of the most common types of painting isContinue reading “Connecting an audience to an artwork: How can artists evoke emotion in their work?”

Money Heist: The Phenomenon Documentary

(SPOILER ALERT!) Money Heist is a Spanish drama series that premiered on Netflix in late 2017 and follows the story of a gang as they come together to attempt to pull off a high stake bank robbery. The series was an instant sensation and had viewers from around the world watching with eager eyes onContinue reading “Money Heist: The Phenomenon Documentary”